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Perfect Air Conditioner installation Company in Sydney

Duct Air Conditioning System

Summer is in full swing and the coming days are only going to get hotter. If you don’t have an air conditioner in your home already, this is probably the right time to find the perfect air conditioner installation company in Sydney to beat the scorching summer heat.

When it comes to installing an air conditioner in your home, you can choose from two models, ducted air conditioning and split system air conditioning. Both models come with their pros and cons and the model you choose depends solely on individual needs and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of these models before choosing the best one for your home or office.

Duct Air Conditioning System Sydney

As the name suggests, the ducted air conditioning system features a main air conditioning unit as a single source that offers cold air to different rooms in the house using ducts. This means you can cool more than one room with a single air conditioning system.


One of the main benefits of Duct Air Conditioning System is that you can cool the entire house with a single air conditioner. You can also opt for different cooling settings for different rooms. Another added benefit is that the system is literally silent and remains hidden from view, thus not altering the look of your home interiors at all. All these benefits will definitely want you to opt for a Ducted air conditioning system for your home in Sydney.


Ducted air conditioning system comes with its share of cons as well. For starters, Ducted Air Conditioning Installation can take a very long time and is very expensive to install as well as maintain. Higher installation costs also mean higher energy bills, as you won’t be able to cool only one room of the house at a time. Major remodelling may also be in the pipeline if your home is not viable for ducted air conditioning. However the most premium option.

Split System Air Conditioning Units

Moving on to the split system air conditioning units, which most homes on a budget opt for, these systems are built to cool a single room in the house and are powerful enough to cool even large rooms. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of this system as well.


As mentioned above, a split system air conditioner is great for homes on a budget. The Split system installation cost is much lower than the installation costs for duct air conditioning systems. Split system air conditioners are also easy to install and are comparatively more energy efficient.


One of the main disadvantages of split system installation is that the cooling unit is very large, as it requires many external units for operation. Although the newer varieties of split system air conditioners are quiet, they still are noisy compared to noiseless duct air conditioning systems. The cheaper choice.


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